​A Fully Immersive Zombie Experience

 From Start to Finish

Courses & Obstacles
An awesome thing about Zombie Charge is the ability to adapt from region to region so each course is unique to it's surroundings. 
For example, Austin, TX terrain is very different than Houston, TX

That said, here's what we promise:

1. You will get muddy.
2. You will be chased by zombies so protect your team members!
3. Running in the apocalypse is not about distance but more about speed when your being chased
4. You will not be chased by dinosaurs, everyone knows dinosaurs are extinct.
5. Some courses will have lots to climb, train in different ways and stay active until event day!
6. There will be no swimming, but there will be water and we know that some zombies live in the water.
7. You will conquer difficult obstacles even without zombies on the course.

8. Some obstacles include walls, prison yards, tunnels, and other "climbing" obstacles.
9. You will have the time of your lives!
10. You will SURVIVE!


Ongoing throughout the day of the Zombie Charge event will be a "Survival Party" located in the Safe Zone. 
This part of the event should not be overlooked we assure you will be an awesome part of you day!

  • Photo Ops with trained zombies
  • Photo Ops with handlers and maybe even celebrities
  • Contests for swag, prizes and cash - costumes, tattoos, loudest screamer, hottest zombie
  • Games  - paintball (yup, you get to blast away at zombies), tug of war, slides, corn hole…etc
  • Music - Live Bands
  • Beer - of course!
  • Food - there will be plenty of food vendors around
  • Vendors - our sponsors and vendors will have booths with free stuff and other awesome things to see and do, so be sure to check 'em out

You don't want to miss this - come as a runner, zombie or even a spectator!