Ever run a race with obstacles?

Every run a race with living…errr…dead obstacles? Dead, but walking, crawling and charging after you as you navigate and try to navigate the obstacles, wooded trails and open fields.  Zombie Charge is more exciting than a typical obstacle course or mud run.
It's more exciting than a zombie walk or zombie run. 
As a runner you get to navigate world class obstacles and get chased by zombies. 
Your heart will be racing the entire time! You will have to run through a Zombie infested 5k trail and obstacle course.

Runners wear a belt with 3 flags (think flag football).  The flags represent your life - they are your body parts.  Complete the course with any or all of the flags and you will be a survivor - among the elite!  But it won't be easy! 
The Zombies on the course are hungry and will be wandering the course trying to take your flag and infect you!
If all of your flags are taken, you have become infected.
But don’t worry, if you can make it to the Safe Zone at the finish line, our Doctor J has created Nectar and a decontamination chamber that may just give you that chance to survive and party with the rest.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a real live....undead zombie! Zombie Charge will provide professional hollywood style make-up and air-brushing to help you
get ready to chase after the living. Come in your best costume, get make up, and chase down the living! 
zombie charge special effects makeup
​A. We recommend you arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled wave time, to allow ample time to park, check in and head over to makeup and find your station on the course. (this means if you are in the morning wave arrive no later than 8am. In the 12:00 wave arrive by 10am)

B. After you check in, immediately head over to the  Professional makeup tent. All Zombies will head on to the course 30 minutes prior to their wave, so please arrive early. It is important you stay in your assigned wave time. You can find that with the Wave Time Assignment here.

C. After you get your make-up, hang around. Zombie King will be there to give some final tips before a group marches you out on to the course.
We are creating an authentic zombie apocalypse experience for all, you must remain in character for your entire time on the course.
What that means:

1. Zombie Charge zombies are evolving. Some walk, some run, some even crawl - it is entirely up to you! We want some of you to scare more than chase, but always reaching for a flag!

2. Your goal is to capture the flags of the runners as they run by – so reach or chase. 

3. Zombies DO NOT TALK! They grunt, growl, and moan.  They are attracted to noises (so be extra energetic if people are yelling, screaming, laughing or talking!)

4. You are allowed to stay in groups – in open areas we encourage it. These are called zombie nests. You can’t talk, but you can horde runners as they come into your nest!

5. Only take 1 flag per runner

6. Some of you may be stationed near an obstacle.  Please do not chase or take flags if runners are waiting to complete an obstacle or while on the obstacle. Or immediately after the obstacle (that is just not fair – given them a chance to run) SAFETY is a MUST.

7. However, some may be asked to "guard" an obstacle.  In that case, you may be on the side and protecting it from anyone trying to go around. If they attempt to go around, and not complete an obstacle, they are open to being “infected” by stealing their flags.

8. Absolutely NO intentional physical contact. Do your best. Accidental contact may occur as you reach for a flag. Even diving for a flag is permitted (especially if you see someone who is over confident in their survival skills) Do your best not to touch the oncoming runner.

Finally, REMAIN IN CHARACTER! No teamwork! Zombies are independent although they may gather in hordes.
Have you considered leading a team or being part of a team? 
There are tremendous benefits to running with a group of friends or survivalists! And now it's easier than ever!
If you have already registered go here and click on your event, login in, and follow instructions to set up your team!
If you haven't registered,

What the bleep are you waiting for???
As you register, you will be asked if you want to set up a team, just follow directions!
Then, send an email blast out to all of your friends with your team name and password. You can tweet it, post it to Facebook, or whatever means of communication you need.  Group text message or maybe even a phone call!


"Hey guys! I just registered for Zombie Charge and created a team! We need you! Zombie Charge is the most insane 5k mud run with tons of obstacles and infested with ZOMBIES! (not you can choose your own path from here)
A.) My team is going to try and survive, these events are more fun in groups and we have a better chance to survive if we run together.  Then we can chill in the after party have some grub and a few drinks.
B.) My team is going as zombies, we get to charge after or even just walk and scare the crap out of the runners coming by.  Our job is the grab their survival flags as they run by.  There is going to be fog and water and mud and they have professional make-up artists to help too. The coolest part, they want us in character the whole race.  How fun would it be to have a section of the course with all of us together! Go here now and register:

1. Doing it with friends is always more fun!
2. But if you don't have any friends, it's ok, doing it with strangers is tons of fun too!
3. Don't tell them, but invite a slow friend or someone just starting to get in shape.  You will know when the time is right to use them as bait!
4. Teams can create their own means to try and raise money or awareness for their cause - get sponsors!
5. Protect one another! If someone is down to their last flag, how fun will it be to try and protect that person on the course! Zombies only want flags, they don't care how many each of you have!
6. Help one another over, around, or under obstacles!
7. Groups of zombies can swarm!
Volunteers are critical and will have tons of run at this zombie apocalypse event!
Can you act or remain in character? We need you to!
There are many opportunities to be part of the Apocalypse.
Event Day Volunteers have the opportunity to look, feel and act like a Zombie in one of the
following job duties:

Help volunteer for any of these...

  • Pre-Event "behind the scene" set up the day before
  • Event Day - Setup Crew (7AM - 9AM)
  • Participant Registration Team
  • Parking control Team
  • Supply Runner
  • Course Safety Monitors
  • Water Stations - H20 Crew
  • Assist with handing out awards, and Disaster Swag Bags
  • Demolition Team - (3PM - 5PM)

In consideration for your BRAINS, you will receive:

  • Free parking
  • ZC volunteer T-Shirt
  • Snacks & Water
  • Opportunity to participate in the "Post-run Party"
  • Community Service Hours
  • Automatic Entry for a Volunteer Raffle
  • Option to run course at discounted price


If you would like to volunteer, please register no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. You can complete the registration form and submit it to us by clicking here  ---->>>

OK - So you don't have the courage to handle the zombie charge as a runner or zombie, but you want to watch your friends and family run from zombies, right?

SPECTATORS are FREE at the Zombie Charge Safe Zone Festival !!! (Just pay $10 for parking)

Arrive with your runner and zombie friends, and come see what all the hype is about. Unfortunately for you, there will be no day of registration to participate in the event.
I promise you, when you see the zombie infestation taking over, you're going to wish you registered. But we realize, running from Zombies is not for everyone, so come cheer on your friends and family, and watch them attempt to survive the Zombie Charge.

There will be viewing areas throughout the courses - some even close to the survival party safe zone.
There will be Live Bands, Food Vendors, Games and Contests that will surely keep you occupied. But please, read our rules section prior to attending.
This is very important.
Reminder, there is a $10 fee for parking, so please bring cash and car pool.
Some games with prizes include tug of war, corn hole, paintball, and more!